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ICC Note:

Salafis, an ultraconservative Islamic group in Egypt, staged three protests on April 29 after Friday prayers to demand the prosecution of the Coptic Pope, the release of two women who they claim are being detained by the Coptic church after converting to Islam, and for Egypt to become an Islamic state. Salafis have initiated brutal attacks against Christians in recent weeks, and are a primary cause of Christian persecution in Egypt.

4/29/2011 Egypt (Al Masry Al Youm) – Thousands of Salafis staged three protests in Cairo after Friday prayers to highlight the ten demands they announced during protests in Alexandria Sunday.

They staged the first protest in front of Fateh mosque in Ramses Square, the second in front of Noor mosque in Abbasseya, and the third on Ramses street.

Their demands include the prosecution of the Coptic Pope and the release of two priests’ wives believed to have converted to Islam and rumored to be detained by the church and the inspection of churches and monasteries. They also want a dispute between Sheikh Hafez Salama and the Ministry of Religious Endowments resolved.

Protesters called for an Islamic state and stressed that they would not leave the area around Noor mosque until their demands are met.

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