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ICC Note:

While pleased to report that three Iranian Christians were released from prison last week, Middle East Concern asks for prayer for a fourth Christian who remains behind bars.
5/3/2011 Iran (Middle East Concern) – We are pleased to report that three Christians (two of whom are from Muslim backgrounds) were released on 30th April following a court hearing. However, a fourth Christian held with them remains detained.

These four, two couples, were detained on 4th September 2010 in Hamedan. Several others detained at the same time are understood to have been released after several weeks.

At the hearing held on 28th April, the two couples and their lawyers were allowed to present their defense. The judge ruled that they should be released and two days later three of them were released. However the fourth, Pastor Vahik, has not yet been freed. It is not clear whether the charges against them have been dropped or whether they will face further hearings.

Iranian Christians request our prayers that:

a.      Pastor Vahik will know the peace and presence of Jesus, and be an effective pastor to those around him

b.      Those released will know the healing touch and close presence of Jesus

c.      All charges against them will be dropped

d.      All officials involved will love mercy, act justly, learn about Jesus and choose to follow Him

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