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Nigeria Christians Safe So Far

ICC Note

Following the news of the killing of bin Laden, some Muslims protested in northern Nigerian city of Kanu. That triggered many Christians to run to police stations and military barracks seeking protection from possible attacks by Muslim radicals. In the past, Muslim mobs have attacked Christians in northern Nigeria in protest of actions of Western countries.

By Becky Yeh
05/06/2011 Nigeria (OneNewsNow)-An advocacy group that works to protect the persecuted church globally says the death of Osama bin Laden may trigger violence against Christians.

Upon learning about the death of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden, Christians in northern Nigeria fled to police and military barracks, begging officials for protection. The believers fear radicals in Muslim-dominated cities may attack them following the death of an Islamic icon. Jonathan Racho of International Christian Concern (ICC) says such strikes are possible.

“The fact is that when Muslim radicals are enraged by the actions of the Western countries, they always take revenge actions against Christians because [they see] Christians as the agents of the West,” Racho explains. “It has happened in the past; they always attack the Christians.”

Officials in Nigeria, a country populated almost evenly by Christians and Muslims, spoke with the Christians for hours to convince them it was safe enough for them to return home.

“I’m glad nothing has happened so far, and we hope and pray that there will not be any backlash,” Racho notes.

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