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Islam’s Christian Scapegoats

ICC Note

The increase in attacks against Christian minorities in Muslim countries in retaliation for the actions of  Western countries is becoming common.  This article gives some answers as to why Muslim mobs target Christian minorities.

By Raymond Ibrahim
/03/2011 Pakistan (Frontpage)-After mentioning the sort of atrocities Christians in Pakistan suffer—including being killed by “blasphemy” laws, constantly “abused in public and harassed in the street by groups of Muslim youths,” ostracized and impoverished by the government—a recent Fox News report reminds us that Christian persecution is further exacerbated by anti-Americanism:

Life on any given day for Pakistani Christians is difficult. But members of Pakistan’s Christian community say now they’re being  persecuted for U.S. drone attacks on Islamic militants hiding on the border with Afghanistan. The minority, which accounts for an estimated one percent of the country’s 170 million population, says because its faith is strongly associated with America, it is targeted by Muslims. When America does a drone strike, they come and blame us, Faisal Massi, a 25-year old student from Sau Quarter, a Christian colony in Islamabad. They think we belong to America. It’s a simple mentality.

Not only is it a “simple mentality”—indeed, Muslim tradition holds that “All infidels are one religion”—it’s also a convenient one, whereby Muslims avenge themselves on the “strong infidel” (the “Christian” West) by attacking the “weak infidel” (Christian minorities living under Islam).

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