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5/4/2011 China (MNN) – Five Christian leaders were recently arrested in Inner Mongolia, China.

Voice of the Martyrs, Canada reports that one leader was arrested for having 1,000 university students attend his church. About 100 of them were Bible students taught by a VOM worker.

This particular pastor had been detained five times in the last year, and police warned him he is being kept under closer surveillance. He and the four other prisoners are currently being held in a detention center where prisoners are usually kept for at least 30 days. A formal sentence has yet to be announced.

In nearby Beijing, members of the Shouwang Church continue to face persecution for holding services outside. When the unregistered church was unable to meet in their building any longer, they began holding outdoor services. The government and church debacle has gained international attention with the arrests of dozens of believers.

Pray for believers in China. Whether in Inner Mongolia or Beijing, Christians continue to face regular persecution for their faith in Christ.

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