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Summary Report on the Repression and the Persecution of Christian Iranians in 2010

Farsi Christian News Network (FCNN) and the European Committee for Defense of Iranian-Christians. A short account of inflicted violence, torment, and anguish against Christians in the Islamic Republic during 2010.

4/21/2011 Iran (Farsi Christian News Network) – This report contains some, but not all, of the information available on the atrocities committed against the Christian community in our beleaguered country, during the one year period of Dec. 2009 – Dec 2010.

This article covers only the most important, and confirmed violence against Christians in the Islamic Republic. However; vast majority of crimes committed are not documented, nor any records kept. Nearly all are the result of action, by what the Islamic authorities loosely term as: “Concerned Citizens”; or varieties of the same phraseology.

A critical review of atrocities committed against the Christian Community of our beleaguered country shows it to be the worst years of a continuous decade of intimidation and harassment against them. Since the autumn of 2010, in its undeclared war to wipe out any and all signs of Christianity from the land, an unprecedented wave of attacks against Christians by the Islamic Regime, have been taking place.

An inflammatory statement against Christians on Islamic TV in September 10th, 2010, was the warning shot by the Islamic authorities. Christian missionaries were termed “Faith Thieves”.

Televised attacks continued with ever more provocative tone, and repeated many times over, from all of the state run propaganda platforms, which in Islamic Republic is all of the media.

The Minister of Intelligence has himself, and repeatedly, warned against the spread of Christianity in the country, threatening the converts with dire consequences.

On October 19, 2010, during a speech to religious studies students in the city of Qum, 160 Km south of Tehran, Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of the Islamic Republic, spoke of the rapid spread of Christianity, and growth of underground churches. He went on to call it part of a World-Wide plot against the Islamic Republic by its enemies..

And in the last days of December 2010, after an intense period of stirring up anti-Christian sentiments on TV and other media, security organs of the Islamic Republic arrested some 200 Christians in as diverse and separate cities as: Mashhad, Ahvaz, Isfahan, Shiraz,…. At a much later date they were all charged with propagation of Christianity, forming Underground House Churches, contact with exiled Churches outside the country, Bible distribution, and inevitably; acting against the national security.

A few days later in January 2011, Governor of Tehran declared propagation of Christianity as illegal, adding that security organs will deal severely with any more such activities. A few months earlier a follower of Rev. William Marion Branham called “Yusef Naderkhani”, who calls himself “a Non-trinity Christian” was sentenced to death for apostasy in the small city where he resided. This act of intolerance only heightened the international community’s concerns about the plight of Christians in the Islamic Republic.

Prejudiced discrimination continued to be a major social problem for the vastly increasing number of Christians in our beleaguered country. Even though the Islamic Republic’s Constitution recognizes Christianity as one of the country’s major religions; in actual fact it is only applied to Armenians and Assyrians living in the country. The fact that huge numbers of Christian converts now constitute the majority of believers in the land is completely overlooked and ignored. Convert Teachers and Lecturers, or anyone else for that matter, are routinely sacked.

Anyone admitting to Christianity is immediately dismissed from his/her position without any hope of indemnity, redress, or compensation.

New converts are routinely banned from higher education, and government employment is one hundred percent reserved for Muslims.

This discriminatory system is even extended to the inheritance laws and is applied with a vigor against Christians as well all other non-Muslims.

Three Armenian and Assyrian members of the  Islamic Republic’s Parliament “the Islamic Council”, who are in effect imposed by the Islamic Regime onto these minorities; can in effect, only act as rubber stamp for regime’s dictates.

Newly converted Christians are entirely ignored as the powers to be in the Islamic Republic claim the recognition in the constitution of the regime is applicable to Armenians and Assyrian minorities only, as conversion from Islam to any other is unacceptable and can only be dealt with by death; no other considerations can be entertained.

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