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At least four people have been injured after a bomb exploded outside the entrance of a Catholic church in the centre of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

ICC Note:

After worshippers left Easter Sunday service, a bomb exploded near the entrance of a Baghdad church injuring two civilians and two police officers, BBC reports. Targeted attacks on Iraqi Christians – which have caused more than two-thirds of the Christian population to flee the country – continue.

4/24/2011 Iraq (BBC) – The blast outside the Sacred Heart church in the Karrada district broke its windows and sent shrapnel flying.

The attack took place after worshippers at the Easter Sunday service had left.

Iraqi Christians have been the victims of a spate of attacks, including one on a Syrian Catholic cathedral in Baghdad last year that left 53 people dead.

There were once about 1.5 million Christians in Iraq, but more than two-thirds are believed to have fled since the US-led invasion in 2003.

Hundreds of families have also moved to the northern Kurdish region.

“Our life in Iraq is full of fear,” Father Hanna Saad Sirop told worshippers at St Joseph’s Chaldean church in Baghdad.

“But we have to live in faith and trust… We have to trust almighty God.”

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