Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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4/22/2011 North Korea (OneNewsNow) – This week, Open Doors USA has launched another effort to draw attention to the plight of Christians in North Korea.

The “World Watch List,” issued annually by Open Doors, ranks North Korea in the number-one spot for the ninth year in a row, which means that country continues to enforce the heaviest persecution against the Christian church.

“23 Christians in a house church in a province…were discovered by the police in a meeting, and three of them were immediately sentenced to death and the rest of them [were] put in prison,” Open Doors spokesman Jerry Dykstra tells of a recent incident.

So he is urging people to participate in North Korea Freedom Week by signing up to receive daily prayer e-mails during the last week of this month. Participants can also send messages to North Korea via radio.

“There’s an organization called Free North Korea Radio, which has been sending messages into North Korea since 2004,” Dykstra explains, adding that “there’s a way that people can sign up and send…an e-mail of encouragement.”

The messages will be read on the air by people who escaped to South Korea and want to reach the North with encouragement and the message of Christ.

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