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Through very discrete methods, ICC representatives are ministering to the needs of Libyans in Benghazi, the city where today’s revolution began. Just returning to his home country last week, the representative reported: “People there are searching for freedom. I spoke with the young men there about spiritual freedom from God’s prospective which is His redemption. I believe that this is the right time for these people to know about Christ, because Jesus is the only God who can set them free from their fear and give the freedom of God’s children.”

At this strategic time in Libya’s history, people are tired of tyranny and fighting for greater freedoms. Throughout the past month, we have heard disturbing reports of Libyan forces firing on unarmed protesters, arrests, and forced disappearances of civilians. Unknown thousands of Libyans have been killed in the civil conflict by President Qaddafi and his loyalists. In this desperate hour, Libyans are more open than ever to hear the Gospel. They are grasping onto whatever hope can be found. What greater hope is there than Christ? In a country that has been ‘closed’ to the Gospel for years, now is the opportune time to share God’s love to the Libyan people. Please pray for those who are doing so.