Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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4/16/2011 China (TaiwanToday) – Mainland China’s crackdown on activists took a turn for the worse April 10 with 200 members of an unregistered Protestant church arrested in Beijing. The Christians, who had gathered at an outdoor public space, were jostled and shoved into waiting busses by close to 1,000 security personnel before being driven off into custody.

For the ROC government, this incident—along with the numerous arrests and disappearances of mainland China’s leading democracy and human rights activists since the beginning of this year—is disappointing. Beijing is in breach of its U.N. human rights obligations and must take steps to address these serious abuses.

It has long been a fact that mainland China’s communist rulers are deaf to complaints of human rights violations. But despite this calloused approach to an issue of growing importance around the world, it seems that a steady stream of domestic voices urging them to do little more than respect their own laws is proving increasingly unbearable these days.

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