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Mehdi Forutan New believer Christian released temporarily from Evin prison

ICC Note:

Mehdi Forutan, arrested on December 26 for his conversion to Christianity, was released temporarily on Saturday, Mohabat News reports. Another Christian, Farshid Fathi, remains in prison.

4/10/2011 Iran (Mohabat News) – A lot of detainees from the recent wave of persecution on Christians have been released on bail, and they are waiting for their next Trial.

According to the reporters of Iranian Christian news agency “Mohabat News”, Mehdi Forutan was released temporarily on $50000 USD bail from Evin prison on the evening Saturday 9 April 2011, after 105 days of detention.

Mehdi Forutan was arrested on Sunday morning 26 December 2010, while he was in his father’s house by four intelligence officers. They also searched the house and took his computer, CDs, and books. They have not returned his belongings after his release.

We have also received some reports that one other believer. Mr. Farshid Fathi is still in Prison. Judicial authorities have demanded a very heavy bail for his release, which is impossible for his family to pay. He informed his family about his well being in prison and told them he is in a good mental and physical condition, but we still hope that judicial authorities lower his bail, so he can reunite with his family.

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