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ICC Note:

A Protestant community in Gyanja, Azerbaijan has been denied the right to worship, Forum 18 News Service reports.

By Felix Corley
4/8/2011 Azerbaijan (Forum 18 News Service) – Three religious communities in Azerbaijan’s second city Gyanja have been banned from meeting for worship, Forum 18 News Service has learned. Babek Sadykov of Gyanja Police completely denied this, claiming to Forum 18 that “no one is being prevented from worshipping”. Local people, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of state reprisals, told Forum 18 that one of the communities was warned that “if they met for worship on the following Sunday or at any future date they will all be arrested”. Two buses full of ordinary police and riot police later arrived to prevent any religious worship. Protestants told Forum 18 that the church had already reluctantly decided not to hold one big Sunday service that day. “People are now very afraid.” Meanwhile, a government-initiated World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue was told by President Ilham Aliev that “freedom of religion, freedom of conscience have been fully established in Azerbaijan”.

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