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US report: ‘Culture of impunity’ in Pakistan

ICC Note

The report by the State Department indicates the violations of human rights in Pakistan, including the widespread persecution of Christians and other religious minorities.

04/08/2011 Pakistan (AFP)-A US report said Friday that Pakistan had a “culture of impunity” on human rights abuses and stated that security forces were operating outside the control of the civilian government.

An annual State Department survey on human rights reported widespread concerns in Pakistan — a key US war partner — including violence against women, child labor, corruption and discrimination against religious minorities.

The report said Pakistan had not held anyone accountable for a 2009 incident — shown in a leaked video — in which men in military uniforms shot dead six young men who were lined up and blindfolded with hands behind their backs.

“A failure to credibly investigate allegations, impose disciplinary or accountability measures and consistently prosecute those responsible for abuses contributed to a culture of impunity,” the report said.

“Women often were treated as the property or goods of their families, and perpetrators were often husbands and other male family members,” it said.

The report said that religious minorities — namely Christians and members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim movement — were more likely to suffer abuse in prison and reported cases of torture in custody.

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