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Iraqi Christians who fled Baghdad and other regions to the north due to persecution are facing a new dilemma, unemployment.

3/29/2011 Iraq (Catholic News Service) – When Suhail Louis left the sectarian violence of Baghdad a year ago, he thought he would find comfort in the safety of Northern Iraq. Instead, he’s faced with a new discomfort: unemployment.

Today he lives in this predominantly Christian town just outside of Irbil. The town has seen the arrival of more than 5,000 Christian families since the beginning of the war. His new home offers safety, but little more.

“In Baghdad there was a future. Here, the future is unknown.”

The Baghdad engineer is far from alone in his state of flux. Many other Iraqi Christians who fled to the North find themselves in a similar predicament.

Despite ongoing sectarian tension and violence, one priest says that the biggest problem is poverty.

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