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4/1/2011 Bangladesh (CharismaNews) – Unni Joyce is now homeless because he preached the Gospel in Bangladesh.

Unni is a simple believer who lives in Bangladesh, one of the poorest nations on earth, yet he is rich in faith. Every Sunday Unni could be found leading worship services in his village of 500 people. Initially, his family was one of only three Christian families in the entire village.

However, due to his faithfulness, about 40 people chose to follow Christ. They were set to have a ceremony to testify of their newfound faith, but that triggered animosity from some of the villagers.

Anti-Christian extremists decided to try and stop Unni’s work by destroying his house and physically running him and his family out of the village.

Today Unni is staying in another village and asking for prayer for the 40 new Christians, that their faith will remain strong in such difficult circumstances.

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