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Arrest and Freedom of Two Christians in Ahwaz, And $100,000 price tag

ICC Note:

Two Christians who were arrested in Ahwaz, Iran in December after security forces raided a house church were temporarily released on March 25 after posting a $50,000 bail, Farsi Christian News Network reports.

3/30/2011 Iran (FCNN) – Temporarily freed, the 2 had already endured more than two months of imprisonment in Ahwaz. From Ahwaz, comes also the news of continued harassment and intimidation of Christians.

FCNN reports from Ahwaz, about 900 km south-west of Tehran and the regional capital of the oil rich province of Khozestan, that during the months of January and February of this year; many house churches in Ahvaz and Dezfool were raided and during this wave of attacks against Christians, many have been detained while many more were called-in to the Ministry of Intelligence offices in Ahwaz.

According to one source at least 3 have now been detained and more than 20 called in for interrogation and intimidation.      

On 27th Dec. 2010, agents of the Intelligence Ministry in Amaniyeh district of Ahwaz, summon a new Christian convert named “Mustafa Shokrollahi”. During a harrowing interrogation session, he was questioned in detail about house churches and their activities. During the following two weeks he was summoned to appear before the interrogators a number of different times and aggressively questioned, until eventually during the height of the nationwide wave of oppression against Christians, he was arrested immediately entering the premises of the Islamic Intelligence Ministry.

Some hours later the Intelligence Ministry agents raided his house and confiscate a number of Christian books. He was kept in solitary confinement, in an unknown location, for a month and subjected to extremely harsh interrogations the whole time.

According to news received; “Mustafa Shokrollahi” was not the only prey on the15th Jan sweep of the Intelligence Ministry of the Islamic Republic. In same manner another newly convert to Christianity named “Khalil Yarali” was also summoned and arrested, his house raided and personal belongings confiscated.
Mr. Yarali was also unlawfully imprisoned and kept in solitary isolation. He was then transferred to the same prison and has been seen to be in ankle chains, like a dangerous criminal, while being transported to-and-from the Revolutionary Court buildings in, Kianpars, of Ahwaz.

On 25th March 2011, news arrived that these two Christians have temporarily and until their court summons, been allowed home. Only a day before the Iranian New Year of NowRouz, and after bail payment of $50,000 each.

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