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Iran: Over Six Months passed since the arrest of Christian Believers in Hamadan

ICC Note:

After six months, four Christians remain in prison and are under intense interrogation in Iran after being arrested at a house fellowship gathering for allegedly proselytizing. Please continue to pray.

3/24/2011 Iran (Mohabat News) – Iranian Christians believe the continued detention of these people is another sign of religious intolerance by the Islamic Republic and shows that in Iran all new Christians and also ethnical Christians (Assyrians and Armenia) are not free in their religion and for following their faith in Iran.

Iranian Christians news agency “Mohabat news” reports that over 6 months passes form the detention of four Christians in Hamadan by the security force (this city, located approximately 360 km southwest of Tehran). They are still in prison in suspension and under pressure and under intense interrogation. According to the non-official reports these religions prisoners have been transferred from Hamadan prison to Evin prison in Tehran. On Saturday, Sept. 04,2010 the plainclothes security agents raided to the Armenian couple’s house in Hamadan and arrested them along with their guest a couple of, proselyte Christians “Arezoo teymouri” and “Arash kermanjani”. The security forces send them to the solitary cells to interrogation.

On the same day four other proselyte Christians around the city were arrested separately. A few days later on Friday evening, Sept. 10, 2010 Iran’s official television imaged a film from Hamadan that the small number of people being shown who were shouting slogans.

The news broadcaster about this film quote from an intelligence source added, two people related with foreign proselytizing organizations have been arrested in Hamadan and seven Iranian men who had association with these organizations were arrested.

After the Islamic revolution this was for the first time that announced in public official media provocative news about some Christians who arrested and it means this time the security system design a different program for these people.

The identity of one man among nine people who were told in television news was never known and four of them after interrogation were released on bail. But “Sonia, Vahik, Arezoo, Arash” are still in prison after six months without charge. The only change in this period was their transfer from solitary cell to the general ward in Hamadan’s prison after 40 days.

Trying to talk with their lawyers to get details records from the case of these people has no result so far.

According to the instructions of justice ban on the prohibition of the interview between lawyers and media, trying to talk with their lawyers to get details records was not possible, informed sources reported the lawyer the condition of anonymity is trying to transferred this case from Hamadan to Tehran.

It should be mentioned “vahik Abrahamian” 44 years old, before on February, 20, 2010, was arrested in Tehran and after enduring 53 days in solitary confinement and five days in general ward of Evin prison he was released until the trial with 10 million toman bail .

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