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3/23/11 China (ChinaAid) – Two house church Christians remain in police custody in a village in central China’s Shaanxi province nearly 10 days after their Sunday worship service was raided by police who detained all 12 worshippers, ChinaAid Association has learned.

On March 13, a dozen Christians were worshipping in the home of Weng Zemei in Ma’an Village, in Zhongchang township, Baihe county, when the local police chief Xia Huashan and two officers burst into the home and took all 12 worshippers into police custody. Ten were released the same evening, but two remained in detention. They are Weng and Zhang Yongkuan. Police also confiscated all the Bibles and other books and publications.

ChinaAid condemns police chief Xia Huashan for his illegal actions in violating the lawful rights of Christians to meet together, and urges him to immediately release all those who are still detained and to return all the confiscated Bibles, books and other publications. ChinaAid will closely monitor the developments in this case

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