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3/17/11 China (ChinAid) – We are a group of kind-hearted Christians from Yangdang Town (hometown of the aerospace hero Nie Haisheng), Zaoyang City, Hubei Province, and we are legal and law-abiding citizens of the People’s Republic of China.  In our ordinary life, we sincerely abide by the laws and regulations of the state.  We conduct ourselves with the teachings from the Bible and live by observing the rules.  So we did not expect that at about 6 p.m. on February 23, 2011, we would personally see and experience the law enforcement officers of the state — the so-called “people’s police” — arrest, beat and severely punish ordinary people.  Even now, fear still lingers in us.

As over 20 of us friends and relatives were studying the relevant laws and rules of the “Regulations on Religions Affairs” promulgated by the State Council, suddenly in burst Fu Dewu, head of Xiangyang Municipal Bureau for Ethnic and Religious Affairs and Li Guiming, director of Zaoyang Municipal Bureau of Religion, leading over 100 riot police officers and over 80 plainclothes “hired roughnecks” with towels on their wrists as an identification mark headed by Chai Pujun, director of Zaoyang Municipal Public Security Bureau.  They smashed the door open and broke into the house of our brother without presenting any legal documents or going through any legally required procedures. They shot tear gas at our group of 20 — some of us completely unarmed, all law-abiding religious citizens.  Wielding their batons, they beat, kicked and prodded the people.  Many police officers and plainclothes agents beat two sisters to the floor (one of the sisters is relatively advanced in age).  They passed out on the spot with foam coming from their mouths and convulsions in their hands and legs.   We demanded that they be sent to the hospital immediately.  The officials wouldn’t listen to us and continued to hit the people with their batons.

Everything was turned upside down and it was a scene of chaos!  Many items were damaged, destroyed, or smashed, and our camcorders and cell phone were seized by force.  The officials handcuffed many people by force, and beat anybody who talked.  Right on the spot, they destroyed any evidence of their illegal law enforcement (video and audio recording).  Many camcorders, cameras, and cell phones were confiscated by force and destroyed.  People at the scene were all shocked and frightened without exception at how viciously these officers enforced the law.  Are we supposed to believe that these law enforcement officers of our Party and our state are called people’s police? How can people’s police beat the people like this?

Are the Constitution, criminal law, police law, regulations on police enforcement, law on public servants, law on usage of police equipment and other laws and regulations promulgated by our state merely official papers to cheat and hoodwink the ordinary people?  Can the rule of law, law enforcement according to law and civilized law enforcement and the legal provision of freedom of religious belief endowed to the citizens by the Constitution be trampled upon at will in Xiangfan and Zaoyang of Hubei?  Can the police of Zaoyang crack down on their people with the power endowed by the people?

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