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3/15/2011 Iran (FarsiChristianNewsNetwork) – The 8th of March, The International women’s day,  is commemorated by millions of people in special ceremonies across the globe. One of the more interesting services on this day is to mark and celebrate those exceptionally brave women who are imprisoned or otherwise penalized because of their activities in the field of Women’s Right.
?This year, on the occasion of International Women’s day, dozens of Iranian –Christian women, will have spent it in Islamic Republic’s prisons; solely because of their faith in Christ; much as they did their Christmas, and perhaps will, their coming Easter.
In amongst these suffering women are two who have now spent more than 6 months of incarceration in prison in Hamedan ( 340 Km West of Tehran) with minimum of amenities and conveniences.
On 4 Sep. 2010; Arezoo Teymouri, a recent convert to Christianity, and Sonia Keshish-Avanesian, an Iranian-Armenian, along with their husbands were arrested in Sonia’s house, and disappeared into the notorious Ministry of Islamic Intelligence’ prison, subjected to a relentless interrogation, and unspeakable intimidation period of 40 days; without any contact with the outside world and families. These two innocent women were then transferred to the city’s women prison, where they have lingered for the past 5 month, without being charged.
Reports received by FCNN shows that these two Christian women have not been allowed to have any contact with lawyers nor have they received any medical attention, both are in desperate physical and psychological state, and under constant pressure from Ministry of Islamic Guidance’ agents to renounce their Christian Faith.
Directly or indirectly, they are threatened with death, constantly denigrated and traumatized by slander and calumny; all designed to crush them physically and spiritually. Because of long distances and financial strains, families of these two Christian women can not regularly visit their children in prison; and unless allowed by the interrogators, their husbands being imprisoned in the men’s section of the same prison, are also unable to see them.
The bitter irony of their continued detention is that on the one hand one of them, Arezoo Teymouri, must remain in prison because she was born into a Muslim family and since her conversion to Christianity makes her faith different to that of her family; she must be punished, and on the other hand; Sonia Keshish-Avanesian ( who has been borne Christian ), should remain in prison because she has dared to profess her faith in Christ and is not willing to sacrifice it to the whim of the authorities, and should endure sustained psychological abuse, and imprisonment.
In the Islamic Republic, altering your belief,  propagation of Christianity and distribution of The Bible ; are all condemned and punishable.
As they suffered through Christmas, and had but the presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ with them on International Women’s Day to scoured them, both will have nothing but dark days to look forward to in the coming Easter Holidays. It is our Christian duty from across the globe to pray for their freedom and health, and keep their names and memories alive.