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3/14/2011 China (AsiaNews) – The funeral of Msgr. Andrea Hao Jinli (see photo) will be held
on 17 March. This was confirmed to AsiaNews, by a local source, who says that Catholics who
go to honour the memory of the deceased will be subjected to police control.
Bishop Andrea Hao Jinli of Xiwanzi died March 9 at the age of 95 in the village of Gonghui
(Hebei). The prelate had spent at least 20 years in prison for his faith and decades under a
suffocating control, for having refused to break his bonds with the pope.
Since his death, the police surrounded the village trying to curb the influx of pilgrims from
other provinces. It is likely that the police will not allow the Episcopal insignia of Msgr
Hao to be displayed during funeral, as he was not recognized by the government.