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Continued detention of another proselyte Christians in prison in city of Ahwaz

ICC Note:

With hands and feet chained, Khalil Yarali was summoned to the revolutionary court in Ahwaz for his conversion for Christianity from Islam and for sharing his faith with others. No verdict was announced and his case remains in limbo. He currently waits in prison until his case reconvenes.

3/11/2011 Iran (Mohabat News) – A proselyte Christian was brought to the revolutionary court of the city of Ahwaz from prison like a dangerous criminal with chained hands and feet for three times, and each time after hours of waiting without any trial and no result he again has brought back to the prison.

Quoted from reporters of Iranian Christian’s News Agency “Mohabat News”, simultaneously with the massive arrest of Christians, especially new Iranian Christians in city of Ahwaz in khouzestan province, another Christian had been arrested and he is still remaining in prison in suspension.

Ahwaz city in Khouzestan province is located in southwestern Iran and the distance from Tehran is about 874 Km.

On January 15th, 2011,Mr. Khalil Yarali, a new believer, by a phone call from security and intelligent office in Ahwaz, located in Saat square, was summoned and after his presence at the desired place, has arrested and has transferred to an unknown place.

The mentioned believer at Ahwaz, before on December 27, 2010 was summoned to the headquarters of intelligent office of Ahwaz by a phone call from the security and intelligent office. He repeatedly went there for several days and finally in the last time he was arrested.

The news forwarded to “Mohabat News” indicates that after his detention, five persons of plainclothes agents, in the day while went to his house and after searching and inspection everywhere, they confiscated some of his personal belongings and took with them.

The reporters also add:” Kalil Yarali was in solitary confinement for 28 days in an unknown place and under intense interrogations after that he has transferred to Karoon Prison in Ahwaz and during a short phone conversation, he told about his health conditions and announced his detention will continue.

Since the proselyte is arrested without explanation of accusation in suspension remains in prison and despite the follow-up and efforts of his relatives, there has been no explanation about the reason(s) for this detention from judicial authorities or the security authorities.

Khalil Yarali with hands and feet chained like dangerous criminals with no right of having attorney was transferred from Karoon Prison to the revolutionary court for three times for explanation of accusation and for determining the status file that each time after hours of waiting without any trial and no results he again has brought back to the prison.

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