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Iran: Details of the arrest of a new Christian in Ahvaz

ICC Note:

Mustafa Shokrollahi, a Christian who was arrested on January 15, 2011 by security forces in Ahwaz, Iran, is still in prison, Mohabat News reports.

3/5/2011 Iran (Mohabat News) – What some security officials have so far said about this case is that he is charged with security and political issues which may be carry two to five years imprisonment.

According to reports received by the Iranian Christian News Agency, “Mohabat News” a new Christian was arrested during the recent events which coincided with a large number of other Christians being arrested by Iranian security forces in Ahwaz, whose Identities and the details of their arrests have been obtained by “Mohabat news” reporters. (Ahvaz city situated in Khuzestan province in southwestern of Iran and the Distance of the city from Tehran is 874 km)

According to received reports “Mustafa Shokrollahi” one of the new Christians arrested on January 15, 2011 by security forces in Ahwaz, is still in prison after a month.

This new Christian, a resident of the city of Ahwaz, on December 27- 2010, while the ongoing and widespread suppression of Christians was continuing in Tehran and other cities, was contacted by a person who introduced himself as an Intelligence officer and was asked to report to an local intelligence office located in the Saat (“Time”) square in order to answer certain questions.

Afterwards this Christian man was repeatedly summoned to the intelligence office of the city of Ahwaz and was subjected to ongoing questioning and interrogations by the security and intelligence officers.

Also on January 15, 2011 during the last phone conversation with the security agents, he was asked to report to the same location again and was subsequently arrested. After his arrest at the local intelligence office he was escorted by 5 plainclothes officers to his house at which time these officers began to search and seize the personal belongings of this Christian man. During this search the officers find anything except a few Christian books. It should be noted that in this inspection, some of his Identification papers and passport were confiscated which remain in the possession of the government agents.

“Mohabat News” reporters have reported that 30 years old Mustafa spent 28 days in solitary confinement in an undisclosed location and subjected to harsh daily interrogation. Later he was transferred to the Section 6 of the Karoon Prison in the city of Ahwaz. This new Christian remains in custody for more than a month and no charges have been filed against him by the judicial authorities despite the frantic efforts of his family and friends to obtain information as to the reasons for his arrests and possible charges. The security agents have indicated that his crimes are political in nature. They have been told that these charges carry a possible prison term of between 2-5 years.

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