Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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3/1/2011 NEPAL (AssistNewsService) – A Gospel for Asia-supported national missionary in Nepal who was hospitalized after a severe beating by six men last fall has now recovered enough to resume his ministry. And while his congregation is growing, he and his family are still facing threats from those who oppose the Gospel.
Indra Rai Waglan suffered a broken rib, among other injuries, when he was attacked while walking to a village to conduct a prayer meeting. Accusing the pastor of blasphemy against their traditional gods and forcing people to become Christians, the six extremists beat him mercilessly and left him unconscious.
Today, with his body healed to the extent that he is no longer taking medication, Pastor Waglan is ministering in a village about five miles from where the attack took place. A dozen believers are now regularly attending his fellowship, and he is once again conducting home Bible studies and outreach ministries.
But while the believers in Nepal are rejoicing at Pastor Waglan’s return, the missionary is asking for continued prayer for his family’s safety.
“Pastor Waglan wants to continue his service for the Lord,” a fellow pastor explained, “but sometimes he finds it difficult to protect his wife and children from the men who often come to their home and threaten them.”