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2/24/2011 China (NewsOneNow) – Chinese authorities trying to isolate a blind lawyer who was freed from prison late last year have now abused a number of journalists who recently attempted to reach the activist.
As police hold his family captive in their own home, dissident Chen Guangcheng and his wife have now been badly beaten for sneaking out a video to China Aid, a Christian organization based in the United States. Spokesman Bob Fu tells OneNewsNow TIME magazine features the human rights attorney as one of the world’s top 100 impactful people. However, reporters from France and Germany were recently denied access to him.
“Also, reporters from New York Times and two reporters from CNN…were all brutally treated and repelled with violence,” Fu reports. “And some of the reporters were even beaten up when they approached the village of Mr. Chen Guangcheng.”
So the China Aid spokesman contends that it is time for fellow Christians to take action to defend the legal activist, “who is a self-taught lawyer, who is blind,” as he “has taken a very courageous stand by speaking up — knowing the risk.”