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Another Christian Woman Arrested on Blasphemy Accusation in Pakistan

ICC Note

Agnes Bibi was accused of blasphemy charges following dispute with Muslims over a residential plot. Pakistan’s blasphemy law has been one of the causes of persecution against Christians in Pakistan.

02/21/2011 Pakistan (Pakistan Christian Post)-The dispute on a residential plot among communities ended up in arrest of Christian woman under accusation of Blasphemy charges by Muslims on February 16, 2011, in city of Faisalabad in Punjab province of Pakistan.

Agnes Nuggo wife of Bashir Masih resident of Ibnne-e-Marriam Colony, Faisalabad, had a dispute on plot of land on which Muslims had also an eye and wanted to grab that valuable piece of land.

When Muslims failed to acquire plot from Agnes Bibi, they filed a complaint against her on defiling Islam in Saddar Police Station, Faisalabad.

Agnes Bibi was arrested under Section 295 A PPC under FIR No. 136/11, on complain of Mohammad Adress Gujjar son of Mohammad Yousaf, resident of Chak No. 225?RB, Nazir Colony, Faisalabad.

The millions of Pakistani Christians are under constant fear on death sentence to Asia Bibi on accusation of blasphemy and widespread protests by Islamic extremists and Fatwa by Islamic Cleric to put reward on her killing.

Faisalabad is same city where Two Christian Brothers were gunned downed by Islamic elements in July 2010, in broad day light in District Courts when escorted for hearing in a blasphemy case. The culprits involved in killing of Emmanuel and Rashid are still at large.

The news of arrests of Agnes Bibi under blasphemy law have spread wave of fear among Christians of Faisalabad and Punjab province because Asia Bibi is already in jail waiting for her appeal hearings in Lahore High Court which is pending after threats to judges.

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