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Keeping the lid on

Egyptian Christians are watchful about life post-Mubarak

ICC Note:

President Mubarak is “the best of the worst. Whoever comes after him might want to destroy us.”

By Jamie Dean

2/11/2011 Egypt (World Magazine) – Inside a courtyard at All Saints Church in Alexandria, Egypt, Coptic Christians can’t escape a reminder of the violent bombing that rocked a New Year’s Eve service and killed nearly two dozen churchgoers: An ambulance parked beneath a poster-depiction of Jesus stands ready for any new calamity.

With a widespread revolution upending Egypt, many Christians say they fear the prospect of political upheaval. Many especially fear the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, a well-organized Islamic opposition group with long-standing ties to terrorism.

Despite the growing fears, Christian groups say Egyptian Christians are also expressing a deep-rooted faith in God’s providence, and even enthusiasm over the prayers of Christians around the world. Doyle says one Egyptian worker told him: “Probably right now we have more people praying for Egypt than ever before in our history. . . . And we know that God is going to answer those prayers.”

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