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February 14: Send Egypt your love through Prayer

ICC Note:

Join Christians around the world by praying for Egypt this Valentine’s Day.

By Jennifer Oliver O’Connell

2/8/2011 Egypt (Los Angeles Examiner) – The entire world has been watching the headlines and newsfeeds about the protest and government upheaval in Egypt. While some feel far removed from this country and its troubles, others feel an urgency to see a move of God’s Spirit bringing peace and stability to the nation.

Hanon is spearheading a “Day of Prayer for Egypt” on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2011. Following Paul’s call in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to pray continually, Hanon is asking everyone to spend some time that day praying for the future of Egypt. “I think Egyptians have put up with less than adequate living situations for too long and they are no longer being quiet about it.  One brave young man spoke up via online and now we have a revolution.  Sometimes it takes just one person saying, ‘Why are we putting up with this? Let’s do something about it. Others obviously felt the same way.”
Egypt is home to 7 million Coptic Christians. Already subject to marginalization and persecution, their fate hangs precariously in the balance, along with the young people of the nation. More than 40 percent of the country lives below the poverty line, making little more than $2.00 a day. Hanon expounds on this, “The voice of Egyptians needed to be heard many years ago. It’s been too long that these people have gone without and struggled when there really is no reason for it. Egypt has become a much richer country in the past 20 years and yet the divide between rich and poor has gotten greater and greater. It’s time for people to care, to step up and to say these people deserve to make an average income, graduates deserve to find jobs and get married and have children. For a country that is not lacking in resources, that is not acceptable.”

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