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I’ll go to court, says Christian GP sacked as a drugs adviser for his views on homosexuality

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The Christian official is considering legal action against the British government sacked him over his homosexuality views. Dr Hans-Christian Raabe was a legal advisor for the government on  drugs.

By James Tozer
02/08/2011 UK (The Daily Mail)-The Christian GP sacked as a Government drugs adviser over his views on homosexuality is considering legal action.

Dr Hans-Christian Raabe has accused ministers of discriminating against him because of his beliefs.

He was thrown off the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs before he had even taken up his post after the Home Office said he failed to disclose a contentious article he wrote in 2005. He is said to have suggested a link between homosexuality and paedophilia.

Yesterday the married GP, who said he had been the target of ‘vicious, hate-filled personal abuse’ over his reported views, revealed he had been fired because he had promised there was nothing in his past that would ‘embarrass’ the Government.

‘I took that to mean anything illegal or immoral, not an article I’d contributed to six years ago,’ he told the Daily Mail.

‘But ultimately this has got more to do with a small number of activists who I appear to have offended than my ability to make a constructive contribution towards the debate on drugs.

‘I don’t think the Home Office will have me back, but I’m concerned about the implications for public debate, so I would consider taking it to court on a point of principle.’

The appointment of German-born Dr Raabe, 46, had been welcomed by anti-drugs campaigners. He has called for ministers to aspire towards a drug-free society rather than concentrate on managing the harm caused by addiction.

 In 2005 Dr Raabe contributed to a scientific paper on gay marriage. It concluded there was a ‘disproportionately greater number of homosexuals among paedophiles’.

‘We weren’t expressing personal views, we were pulling together a number of pieces of research,’ he said. He added that he was not a ‘raving homophobe’.

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