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2/11/11 Malaysia (UCAN) – Muslim preachers and politicians have been warning Muslim youths against celebrating Valentine’s Day and Christian leaders are dismayed that vices associated with the day are being linked with Christianity.

The Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) today issued a statement saying “Christians in Malaysia vehemently deplore and are hurt by public statements made recently which link Valentine’s Day to sin and Christianity.”

Yesterday the youth wing of the Council of Churches Malaysia issued a statement expressing “deep disappointment” with Islamic motivational speaker Siti Nor Bahyah Mahamood in her “derogatory and irresponsible remarks that were aired on national television and subsequently circulated on Youtube.”

In a talk show entitled “Valentine’s Day: Forbidden in Islam,” Siti warned Muslim youths not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, February 14.

But the CFM said: “Statements which have a tendency to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility against any particular religious community cannot and should not be tolerated… It is not a Christian festival celebrated by the church today.”

Father Michael Chua, Ecclesiastical Assistant of the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocesan Ministry of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, explained Valentine’s Day’s “celebration by the public is very much within the domain of secular (Westernised) culture and has nothing to do with the Christian faith.”

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