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The Temporary Freedom of 6 Detained Christian from Tehran’s Evin Priosn after posting bail!

ICC Note:

“Six detained Christian Iranians, who were arrested in the recent wave of mass arrested and persecutions, were temporarily released from custody,” Mohabat News reports.

2/5/2011 Iran (Mohabat News) – Six detained Christian Iranians, who were arrested in the recent wave of mass arrested and persecutions, were temporarily released from custody, after 37 days of unreasonable and unnecessary detention, by posting appropriate bail bonds.

According to reports filed by the reporters of the Iranian Christian News Agency, (Mohabat News), these 6 Christian detainees were conditionally released, after posting bail, on two occasions, January 29th and 30th respectively, from the Evin Prison in Tehran.

Sources close to this incident have identified the 6 detainees as: Nasrin Hosseini-Nia, Sara Akhavan, Leyla Akhavan, Anahita Zareh, Ladan Noori, and Mr. Mohammad Zarvand.

The unofficial sources have also indicated that all 6 detainees were arrested and taken to solitary confinement at the Evin Prison and were subsequently subjected to harsh and ongoing interrogation before being released. Only Ladan Noori and Anahita Zareh were allowed, two days prior to their release, to be transferred to the prison’s general population.

Reports also indicate that the bail amounts, that were decided and ordered by the local prison court, were different and included cash payments, real estate holdings, and wage garnishments provided for and guaranteed by the families of the detainees.

After 37 days of detention by the security forces of the government, no reasons or charges have been filed by the judicial authorities against these individuals.

While the recent wave of repressive measures and mass arrests of Christian Iranians have been going on, the military prosecutor of Tehran in a recent speech said that, “God has created all people free and we do not have the right to arrest anyone without proper evidence”

According to semi-official news agency of the government, ESNA, Mr. Shokrollah Bahrami, who was giving a speech to a conference of judges and judicial employees stated that, “the order to arrest someone must be based on proper evidence and reasons. If the evidence is inconclusive, we must continue to search until we complete the evidence.”

This speech has been given under the backdrop of a massive wave of arrests in Tehran and other cities last month where more than 60 Christian Iranians were arrested and detained for their beliefs.

These meaningless arrests, which in most cases have not even resulted in any charges, are continuing with the detainees having no access to family or legal help, often for months in solitary or isolated detention.

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