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2/8/11 Indonesia (JakartaUpdates) – After the attack on Ahmadiyya member house in Banten on Sunday, another religious based attack happened again in Indonesia, this time in Temanggung, West Java. The attack left three churches damaged, one riot control car burnt and nine people hospitalized. Most of the victims suffer wounds caused by blunt object in the head and legs.

The case started by a 58 years old man from Manado, Eastern part of Indonesia where the majority of its people are Christian. The man identified as A Richmond Bawengan apparently distribute a leaflet or book containing words deemed to be blasphemies and insulting toward Islam last October 3rd 2010. He was subsequently arrested and was in the police custody until his trial this Tuesday.

At the trial right after the sentencing, mobs who were already gathered since the morning barges in into the courtroom. The police, hundreds of man strong, fire two warning shoots but powerless against the mobs. One of the police riot control car was set on fire. The Police immediately secure the defendant and the judges. The mob also destroys windows and wrecking some rooms at the court,

After many commotions the police finally able to disperse the mobs around 11 am local time.

However, the angry mobs then roamed the city and attacked three churches, Bethel Indonesia Church, Pantekosta Church and Saint Petrus and Paulus Church. Mobs burned parts of those churches including a kindergarten which is part of one of the church.

The riot has caused the Temanggung city a total shutdown. So far only one person has been detained by the police related to the incident.

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