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A Christian Prisoner remains in jail due to inability to pay bail

ICC Note:

An Iranian Christian who has been imprisoned for more than a month will be temporarily released after posting bail, an Iranian court has ruled. However, the Christian’s family is currently unable to afford the fine, Mohabat News reports. 

2/8/2011 Iran (Mohabat News) – Judicial authorities have asked for $40’000 bond for the temporary release of the Christian prisoner, but due to inability of his family to provide it, he must still remain in prison.

According to the reporters of Iranian Christian News Agency “Mohabat News”, Ehrabim Firoozi, one of the new believers who was among these recent arrests has still been in prison after a month. On January 11th of 2011, Ebrahim Firoozi, one of the Christian residents of Robat Karim (20 kilometers southwest of Tehran) was arrested by security forces, and after several interrogation, he was transferred to Ghezel Hesar Prison, one of the largest prisons in the Middle East.

This young 26 year old Christian that his first court hearing was held on January 29, 2011 in Revolutionary court is being charged with evangelism, being in possession of so many bibles, having relationship with external forces and also apostasy.

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