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The Temporary Freedom of a new Christian Iranian in Tehran

ICC Note:

Fakhrodin Shafaati, who was arrested in a Christian home in Tehran on December 25, 2010, was temporarily released on January 13, Mohabat News reports.

2/1/2011 Iran (Mohabat News) – Mr. Fakhrodin Shafaati, who was arrested in the latest wave of repressive measures against Christians in Tehran, was temporarily released after posting bail.

According to reports filed by Iranian Christian News Agency reporters, Mr. Fakhrodin Shafaati, who was arrested on December 25, 2010, was released after 20 days of detention, by posting bail, on Thursday January 13, 2011.

To this date, no formal reports are available on the location of his detention or the amount of bail, but informed sources report that the bail was set at 10,000,000 Toomans ($10,000 USD) and the location of his detention was the infamous Evin Prison in Tehran.

According to previous reports received, he was one of many Christian Iranians who were rounded up and arrested by the government security forces in a coordinated sting operation in and around December 25, 2010.

Reports have shown that on the early morning of Saturday, December 25, 2010, the government security officers, in a coordinated and pre-planned sting operation, targeted and attacked the homes of several Christian Iranians in Tehran and other major cities around the country and arrested the residents of these homes.

The Security forces, upon their forceful entry, had also searched and seized personal items belonging to the detainees such as Bibles, computers, CDs, and other Christian literatures.

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