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2/4/11 China (GospelHerald) – Over this past weekend, China Soul Association held its first showing of “Beyond”, a documentary of the faith stories of overseas Chinese Christian, in metro-Vancouver. Rev. Zhiming Yuan, executive producer of the film, shared that what left the deepest impression on him was the meeting with the mainland China actress Yao Shi, who won the favorite T.V. actress of the year in 2010.

In their conversation, Shi revealed that she was baptized last year at Vancouver and her Buddhist mother came with her to the “Beyond” premier. On the first night of the two-day gathering, her mom dedicated her life to Jesus Christ, which deeply touched Shi.

Yao Shi, a mainland China female actress, has graduated from Central Academy of Drama in Beijing majoring in performance arts. She has once been in the professional dance career for six years. Then, she changed her profession to being television hosts for Shanxi Radio Television (SXRTV) entertainment channel and China Central Television (CCTV). She was also the lead actress in several T.V. dramas. She has won the first beauty pageant in Shanxi Province. On November 13, she was awarded as the top 20 most favorite T.V. drama celebrity by the Chinese viewers.

Shi was baptized along with 26 others from the Chinese Christian Gospel Church in Vancouver at the Buntzen Lake on August 8, 2010. After she became a Christian, Shi testified of the great changes in her life, which she is grateful towards Jesus, and she can live a life of joy and peace.

On November 21, Shi, who is now living in Vancouver, received an urgent call from mainland China, informing her that she has received the award for the favorite actress of the year from starring as the lead actress in a television drama series.

Upon hearing the good news, Shi shouted “Thank God!” – The sincere expression of her love towards the Lord. In her perspective, this award comes from God. “Thank the almighty God for his blessing!!”

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