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Lawyers Confident Asia Bibi will be Cleared on Appeal of Blasphemy Charges 

ICC Note

Lawyers representing Asia Bibi are confident that they will prove her innocence during her trial at an appeals court. The lower court has already sentenced Bibi to death based on a false allegation of blasphemy against Muhammad.

02/04/2011 Pakistan (Catholic Culture)-Despite threats against their client’s life, lawyers for Asia Bibi believe that the young Pakistani mother will be judged innocent of blasphemy charges when her case is heard by an appeals court.

Having been convicted of blasphemy—in a trial that was widely regarded as unfair—Asia Bibi now faces the death penalty. Islamic militants have denounced any proposal for reconsideration of the verdict, and vowed to kill the woman if she is released from prison.

Nevertheless, lawyers preparing her appeal told the Fides news service that they are “confident in being able to demonstrate that the testimonies, upon which the prosecution’s case against Asia is focused, will not stand up and are totally fabricated.” They believe, therefore, “that they can prove the innocence of the woman and obtain her full acquittal.”

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