Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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1/31/11 Vietnam (OneNewsNow) – News has surfaced about the increased persecution of a mostly-Christian tribal group in Vietnam. 

According to Logan Maurer of International Christian Concern (ICC), Vietnamese authorities took advantage of the Christmas holiday to dish out additional persecution against the Montagnard tribal group. He says police enforced a little-known law against the Christian gatherings because they are considered a threat to the government.

“They started enforcing this by surrounding worship sites and then confiscating anything that had to do with Christmas, including a nativity scene that they destroyed,” Maurer reports. “In one case, they hit a man in the back of the head with a baton when he was questioning them in how they had the right to break up the Christmas gathering.”

A woman in another village was pushed to the ground after she objected to the police taking Christmas ornaments. The ICC spokesman points out that even though the Montagnards worked with American military during the Vietnam War, the recent attacks were aimed at condemning Christianity.

“We’ve seen this time and again over the past few years, where Christians have been taken to jail, beaten to death, and then they’ll be released just before they die so the Vietnamese government doesn’t have to deal with the paperwork,” he laments.

Maurer contends that if the Body of Christ does not speak out for the oppressed tribe, then no one else will. So he is encouraging believers to visit his organization’s website to learn how to politely protest Vietnam’s embassy in Washington.

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