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 1/27/11 Iran (MohabatNews) – This new Christian Iranian, who was initially arrested and released upon posting bail, was rearrested and his current whereabouts and condition remains unknown.

According to reports received by Iranian Christian News Agency, ( Mohabat News ) , Mr. Ebrahim Firouzi, a new Chrsitain Iranian was arrested by government security officers.

Concurrent with the recent wave of repression and arrests of many Christian Iranians in various cities of Iran, specially those in the province of Tehran, on Saturday January 8th, 2011, four plain-clothes security officers of the government entered the home of Mr. Ebrahim Firouzi, located in the town of Keykavar which is 30 km South-West of Tehran, and not only searched and seized his personal belongings such as Bibles and cellular phone, but also arrested him and transferred him to an undisclosed location.

According to received reports, 26 years old Ebrahim Firouzi was interrogated and then released the same day after signing a promissory statement.

Then on January 9th, he was summoned to the headquarters of the local Ministry of Information and after a new round of questioning was re-released again. Finally, on January 11th, while he was at home, several plain-clothes officers entered the house and without any explanation re-arrested him and removed him to an unknown location. Currently there is no information as to his whereabouts and condition.

Despite frantic efforts by his family in contacting the judicial authorities, no explanations or information has been forthcoming from the government.

Also, unofficial sources have informed Mohabat News that a sum of approximately $40,000 has been demanded as bail money from the family of this young Christian man by the local court authorities

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