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Christians in Iran Tortured

Christians being held in Tehran are enduring vicious “interrogation”

ICC Note:

Elam Ministries describes the brutal ‘interrogations’ suffered by Christians who were recently arrested in Iran. Iranian church leaders have called for an international day of prayer and fasting for Christian prisoners in Iran.

1/13/2011 Iran (Elam Ministries) – Since our January 4th email about the arrest of Christians, there has been no contact from those detained on December 26th 2010. It is almost certain they are in interrogation Block 209 in the basement of Evin Prison, Tehran. This is where Christians are initially taken, according to other believers who have endured imprisonment.

While being interrogated, the arrested are blindfolded and questioned by different officers for hours on end.  After the questioning, the prisoners are returned to their cells until called again to the interrogation room.  

Whenever they leave their cells, they are blindfolded. Intense psychological pressure is put on the Christians to renounce their faith. There are many reports that prisoners held in this block have been tortured. During the time of interrogation, which can go on for over a month, no contact with family members is allowed.  
Iranian church leaders are calling for an international day of prayer and fasting for Christian prisoners in Iran this Sunday, January 16th, 2011. Please join us in praying for the suffering church in Iran.

Please pray for:   
• Christians to remain strong during this trial.
• Christ to be glorified through their suffering.
• A swift end to this ordeal.

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