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A new Christian Iranian is freed temporarily after posting $15,000 bail!

ICC Note:

Reza T, arrested for hosting church worship services, was temporarily released after posting a $15,000 bail, Mohabat News reports.

1/14/2011 Iran (Mohabat News) – Mr. Reza T, who was accused of harboring Christians and allowing his home to be used as a home-based church, was finally, after one month of detention, was temporarily released from Rajayee prison in the city of Karaj after posting a $15,000 bail.

According to reports received by the Iranian Christian News Agency, Mohabat News, on Tuesday November 30, 2010, security forced attacked a house that was use as a home-based church in the city of Karaj, 20 km outside of the capital city of Tehran, and arrested a man by the name of Reza T.

Moreover, based on previously gathered intelligence, the security forces timed this attack at a time when 13 others were gathered in this home for fellowship and prayer and subsequently arrested all 14 members of this home-based church.

The security forced not only arrested Reza T and the 13 other members of this home fellowship, they began searching the house and confiscated personal items such as Bibles, CDs, and one musical keyboard that was used for their praise and worship.

Subsequently, all the arrested individuals were transferred to the intelligence unit of the Ministry of Information, located at the provincial square of the city, and detained overnight and subjected to harsh and severe interrogations. Afterward, the 13 members of the fellowship were released by offering personal guarantees and promise not to engage in any Christian activities and gatherings.

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