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By Julian Mann
1/14/11 China (VirtueOnline) – Would orthodox Christians proclaiming the biblical gospel get a boost if the Chinese bought up a substantial slice of the Western economy? Inevitably, this is a ‘what if’ question or, some might say, indulgence in sheer fantasy. But it may be a ‘what if’ game more worth playing than might appear at first glance.

The Revd John Richardson, who blogs brilliantly as the Ugley Vicar, draws attention to an article in the Wall Street Journal by Amy Chua – ‘Why Chinese mothers are superior’. This piece prompted John to ask the pertinent question – will parenting decide the ascent of China and the decline of the West?

In other words, the Chinese cultural practice of rigorous parental leadership provides an environment in which children can achieve. It is that sort of culture that is driving China to achieve 10 per cent economic growth, putting both the US and the UK in the shade.

Put the clock forward 20 years to 2031 and Chinese banks own a big slice of Wall Street and the City of London. Chinese companies are substantial employers in both US and UK manufacturing and high tech industries. That gives them substantial political leverage.

How do these Chinese commercial mandarins feel about the permissive society in the markets in which they are so substantially investing? They see the link between marital and sexual chaos and high crime rates even if the Western politically correct establishment does not. They see the impact that single parenthood and high divorce rates are having on the educational performance of children. Certainly their concerns would be not philanthropic. They are worried about the quality of the workforce.

But, albeit with a radically different motivation, it is surely here that the concerns of Chinese investors and those of orthodox Christians regarding the destructive impact of the permissive society could overlap. An alliance could be formed to push for the restoration of heterosexual marriage and the traditional family to its rightful place, which would give us leverage to lobby for better treatment for the Christian community in China and for greater religious freedom for Christ’s servants there to preach the gospel.

And while you’re about it, Mr Mandarin – would you mind putting in a word with the President/Prime Minister to get that piece of anti-Christian, politically correct legislation off our backs so that we can preach Christ’s gospel over here as well?

Now that would be an irony.


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