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U.S. Recognizes Christian persecution

ICC Note

International Christian Concern welcomes the State Departments’ statement expressing the concern of US government on the rising persecution of Christians. US should put pressure on countries that persecute Christians.

By Becky Yeh
01/11/2011 United States (OneNewsNow)-The United States announced last week that it is “deeply concerned” about a rise in persecution against Christians — a response welcomed by an international relief ministry.

U.S. State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters at a recent press conference on Tuesday about the rise in attacks against Christians in Africa and areas of the Middle East. He explained that the State Department is aware of a “recent string of attacks against Christians” that has created heightened concern.

Jonathan Racho, regional manager for International Christian Concern (ICC), says his organization welcomes the response of the State Department. “The statement that they made is really powerful, and we believe that it will at least raise their concern with officials of countries where Christians are persecuted,” Racho suggests.

He goes on to note a recent attack on an Egyptian church that left 21 people dead, as well as the 86 believers who were brutally killed in Nigeria. In October, a local al-Qaeda group claimed responsibility for the deaths of 53 people after militants entered a church in Baghdad.

“We know that the United States government has the resources in order to put pressure on those countries where there’s persecution, and we have been contacting the State Department, the White House, [and] Congress…highlighting the situations in these different countries,” he reports.

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