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Iran – Security Police, “A band of evangelical activists were dismantled”

ICC Note:

Iranian Christian News Agency reports that the National Public Security Police dismantled a group of Christians and Muslims who were making their homes available for evangelical activities in the city of Arak.

1/11/2011 Iran (Mohabat News) – According to the comments made by the National Security Police, a group of Evangelical activists consisting of 2 previously known Protestant Christians and several Moslem (Shiites) were dismantled in the town of Arak.

According to reports received by the Iranian Christian News Agency, Mohabat News, Aria News, which is closely affiliated with the Islamic republic government, reported that the National Public security Police, in an ongoing effort and pursuit, was successful in dismantling a band of evangelical activists, consisting of 2 identified Protestant Christians and several Moslem Shiites, in the city of Arak (295 km South-West of Tehran).

The chief commander of public security of the Central Province told Aria News, “In connection with reports received that under the pretext of English and French language instruction a known protestant Christian and several Moslems were making their homes available for evangelistic activities in and around the city of Arak orders to act were relayed to us.”

Colonel Ahmadi added, “we had kept the suspects, their movements, and their activities under constant 24 hours surveillance and finally, after collecting evidence such as software and books and with the cooperation of the judicial authorities, we were able to apprehend the suspects in a sudden and unexpected sting operation as they had gathered in a city park to conduct their meeting.” This report does not name any of these suspects. He further added that, “Upon the arrest and transfer of the suspects to the security headquarters, we were able to seize and confiscate personal belongings such as New Testaments, Bibles, Alpha course material, “God is Love” videos, Several copies of Jesus movie, 3 cell phones with phone cards, 4 bank credit cards, and a flash memory stick.

The police chief also commented that several Moslem individuals were arrested and upon the search of their homes, several copies of Bibles and Jesus Videos and “God is Love” CDs were found and confiscated.

Even though the government news agencies have indicated that 2 of the arrested were protestant Christians and the others were Moslem Shiites, it is not clear why these Moslems were evangelizing the Christian faith? Is it possible that these so called Moslems are Christians who used to be Moslems and the government leaders are terrified to admit it?

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