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Christian mental health worker may lose job over abortion advice
Christian mental health worker faces disciplinary action over booklet warning of dangers of abortion

By Jenna Lyle
12/22/2010 UK (Christian Today)-A Christian mental health worker has been suspended from her job as a psychological wellbeing practitioner after passing on a booklet to colleagues containing information about the risks associated with abortion.

Margaret Forrester is set to appear before an internal disciplinary committee today charged with “distributing materials some people may find offensive”.

The hearing is taking place following the intervention of managers at Central North West London Mental Health Trust.

The booklet in question gives information on “post abortion syndrome”, a term used to define some of the negative mental and physical conditions that may be experienced following the termination of a pregnancy, including feelings of depression and suicide or fertility problems.

Ms Forrester, a Roman Catholic, decided to pass the booklet, called Forsaken, on to colleagues at the health centre where she works in Westminster out of a concern that the NHS was not giving women enough information about the potential damage caused by abortion.

She said: “Our forefathers paid the ultimate price in WWII so that we could express our beliefs without fear and act freely in good conscience.

CLC director Andrea Minichiello Williams said: “It is staggering that to voice an opinion to colleagues and pass out a booklet could cost you your job.

“The level of intolerance in the public sphere, particularly in public sector employment, is deeply worrying and suggests that we are living in less and less of a free society.

“Well known research has confirmed that abortion can be harmful to mothers and there is absolutely nothing wrong with voicing that opinion

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