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A survey in Jarkarta found that nearly half the people asked were opposed to houses of worship for other religions being built in their Neighborhoods.

12/23/2010 Indonesia (Jakarta Post) – “49.5 percent of our respondents disagreed with the establishment of other religions’ houses of worship. That percentage is quite high for plural Indonesia. Meanwhile, 45 percent had no problem accepting them and the remaining 5.5 percent did not answer or did not know,” SETARA Institute researcher Ismail Hasani said Wednesday.

For Central Jakarta, Tangerang, Depok, Bogor and Bekasi, the percentage of those who disagreed with other religions’ houses of worship was between 62 and 74 percent, while other parts of Jakarta were between 51 and 60.5 percent.

The SETARA survey was conducted between September and October 2010, with 1,200 respondents. 89.2 percent of the respondents were Muslim, 5.2 percent were Christian, 3.7 percent were Catholic, 0.2 percent were Hindu, 1.2 percent were Buddhist and 0.1 percent Confucian.

Most Jakartans also thought the regulation of places of worship should not be done solely by the government or religious leaders.

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