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Concerns about unknown status of Christian detainees in the prison of Hamadan
ICC Note:

Four Iranian Christians have been held in prison three months without being formally charged, Mohabat News reports.

12/8/2010 Iran (Mohabat News) – The charges of arrested Christians (two Armenian Christians and two Farsi-speaking Converts) are still undecided, after three months being in prison.

According to the Reporters from “Mohabat News” Iranian Christian News Agency, who simultaneously follow the events related to Iran’s Christians, announced that some of the detainees are still in Hamadan jail.

According to one security official on an evening news on Friday 19 September 2010 broadcasted on Iran national TV: “A nine-member group of Christians were arrested in Hamadan on the charges of evangelistic activities.” Security authorities in a predetermined scenario in collaboration with the national television and media, announced the purpose of this group as an attempt to destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran, and called them “Zionist Christians”.

Their names is as following: “Vahik Abrahamian,” and his wife “Sonia Keshish Avanessian” Armenian-Iranian Christians, and the other couple of Farsi-speaking Christians Converts named “Arash Kermanjany” and “Arezou Teimouri” are still undecided after three months in prison.

On the evening of September 4, 2010, security forces entered the home of “Abrahamian” and arrested him. It was also reported that two other Christian Converts were there as guests at the same time. A number of security officers searched the house and during the inspection they collected some personal belongings. Later they took them all to an unknown place.

According to the “Mohabat News” following this event ,simultaneously, some other Farsi-speaking Christian Converts in the cities of Karaj, Tehran and Hamadan, were also summoned by the intelligent and were interrogated, but mostly were released after assuring the authorities of no further Evangelical activities.

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