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Christian prisoner in Ahvaz temporary free on $250,000 bail!

This new Christian man has been in solitary continued at detention center for more 70 days for his beliefs. He has been transferred to “House arrest” after posting heavy bail.

12/13/2010 Iran (Mohabat News) – According to news from Ahvaz in Khuzestan province of Iran, Mr. Neshan Saeedi an Iranian – Arab Christian was released temporary on Sunday October 3, 2010 after nearly 70 days in solitary detention by providing $250,000 bail.

Neshan Saeedi on the July 24, 2010 was attacked by security forces at his home located in Golestan area in Ahvaz . He was arrested with his wife & his 6 years old daughter by intelligence agents were they wear plain cloths. Security forces released his wife and his daughter after midnight of that day after a lengthy interrogation.

However, they were released this 37 years old Christian only after more than 2 months in detention. They held him in the unofficial prison belonging to the intelligence section of Revolutionary Guards in Chaharshir of Ahvaz .During this very long detention Mr. Saeedi’s wife the only able to visit him once from a distance and just for one minute on Wednesday September 15 , and then only a five minutes telephone conversation was allowed .

Reports received indicate that this Iranian Christian Neshan Saeedi, during his long detention was held without being charged, and was kept in a small solitary cell that would not meet standards. Also regular maintenance was neglected and he had been under harsh interrogation, so much that his right hand was broken.

During this period his interrogators accused him of relation with Israel and Britain (countries considered as the enemy by Islamic Republic officials), apostasy, baptizing Iranians of Muslim back ground, preaching” Christian Zionist! “gospel in Iran to divert Muslims from Islam, holding illegal home gatherings and separatist activities for Arabs of Khuzestan!

Saeedi has denied these charges and has said that he has neither any political nor any illegal intentions. “I had met with some of the brothers and sisters and prayed and praised God and has attempted noting more.” Neshan told the interrogators several times during his interrogations.

This ordinary Iranian Christian family has faced too many very serious problems and persecution only because they want to worship their God, practice their beliefs and follow of Jesus Christ.

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