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Turkmenistan: Religious freedom survey, November 2010

ICC Note:

Religious freedom in Turkmenistan is “highly restricted,” Forum18 reports.

By Felix Corley and John Kinahan
11/18/2010 Turkmenistan (Forum 18 News Service) – Freedom of religion or belief in Turkmenistan is with other intertwined human rights highly restricted. Among systematic violations noted in Forum 18 News Service’s religious freedom survey are: state control of religious leaders and communities; racial discrimination based on promoting a homogeneous culture; severe restrictions on religious education and sharing beliefs, including banning women from studying academic theology in the country; a ban on unregistered religious activity, and great difficulty in those who want it acquiring registration; restrictions on having a place of worship, even for registered groups; MSS secret police informer recruitment; state reprisals against those who discuss human rights violations; an exit blacklist and other restrictions on freedom of movement; censorship of religious literature and other material; increasing numbers of prisoners of conscience, with one prisoner ordered to be subjected to abusive medical treatment; and the use of previous “offences” to harass those the authorities dislike. It appears that government promises of “reform” are for foreign consumption only, without any intent to end human rights violations against Turkmenistan’s people.

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