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ICC Notes:

The mother of Kok Ksor has been attacked on multiple occations after nonviolent protests.


Ms. Ksor H’Ble has been attacked multiple times in the past simply because she is the mother of Mr. Kok Ksor. After the first peaceful and nonviolent protests on February 2nd of 2001, Ms. Ksor H’Ble was arrested and tortured by the Vietnamese security police who broke three of her ribs. Later, during our people’s peaceful and nonviolent protest in 2004, Ms. Ksor H’Ble was again arrested and tortured in front of an eyewitness who is now living in Canada. According to the witness, security police shot Ms. Ksor H’Ble with an electrical gun, knocked her down and took her by her hair and pulled her around a nearby paddy field. Two of her sons saw the incident and were able to prevent the security guards from murdering her at that time.

On October 29th of 2010, two security police from the district of Ayunpa, Lt. Colonel Nguyen Van Ngoc and Major Ksor Lut, one assistant of police chief at the communal village of Bon Broai, Nai Luen, and six government officials from the province of Dak Lak and the central government whose names we do not know came to house of Ms. Ksor H’Ble at the village of Bon Broai at around 3 O’clock in the afternoon. They ordered her to speak out against Kok Ksor to all of the Degar people in the Central Highlands and to repeat the following words in front of video camera“My dear brothers and sisters and all of my fellow citizens, let us not follow my son Kok Ksor’s way and not support him because he is a traitor and he wants to kill us.” Ms. Ksor H’Ble responded by telling the government officials, “I don’t know what my son Kok Ksor is doing. How can I tell people not to follow him? If you know what he is doing, why can’t you tell the people yourself? Besides, I am an old woman who would listen to me?” They harassed and bullied her from 3PM to 4:30 PM, ordering her to address the people and make the aforementioned statement in front of video camera, but she did not.

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