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Christian man, daughter killed in bombing in Iraq

ICC Note:

A bomb was intentionally wired in a Christian’s vehicle in Mosul on Tuesday, killing a Christian man and his 6-year-old daughter in the later assault on Iraq’s Christian community.

By Jomana Karadsheh

11/17/2010 Iraq (CNN) – A bombing in northern Iraq killed a Christian man and his 6-year-old daughter Tuesday, the latest in a series of strikes targeting the country’s dwindling Christian population.

The incident occurred in Mosul, a multi-ethnic city in Nineveh province — long the home of significant Christian enclaves.

A flurry of attacks in the north over the last 24 hours is a sign that the recent sectarian violence targeting Christians is spreading from Baghdad.

The man and his daughter were killed Tuesday afternoon when an explosive attached to a vehicle detonated, local police said.

Monday night, attackers went into two homes occupied by Christian families in the Tahrir neighborhood in the eastern part of the city, killed the two male heads of the households, and then drove off, the interior ministry official said.

In central Mosul, at about the same time, a bomb detonated outside a Christian’s home. No one was hurt in that blast, which damaged the home’s exterior.

Attacks in October 2008 on Christians in Mosul prompted a mass exodus from that city of 1.8 million people.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom urged American officials to make a special effort to protect religious minorities in Iraq, such as Christians, Yazidis and Mandaeans.

“Given the United States’ continued military presence there, we urge the administration to work with the Iraqi government to proactively heighten security at Christian and other minority religious sites.

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